Internet / WIFI

Mobile internet is available on request via USB dongle. Please note that the Internet in Sweden is slower, but excellent for your email. The costs for the Internet is 150,- kr. per week. There is also internet via wifi available. The total cost of the mobile Internet with WIFI are 200,- kr per week.


In Sweden you can pay at most gas stations with your bank card and / or credit card. It sometimes will change which methods of payment is accepted. For the certainty bring your credit card!

Statoil: Stockholmsvägen 2, 284 31, Perstorp

Preem: Helsingborgsvägen 21, 284 31, Tyringe

Withdraw money

In the ICA in Perstorp is a mobile cash machine. In Tyringe you can withdraw at Handelsbanken on Hantverksgatan 18, 282 31 Tyringe, Sweden.


These are open all week from 8 to 20:00.

HemköpStenbocksgatan 10, 282 35 Tyringe

ICA PerstorpStockholmsvägen 7-9, 284 31 Perstorp




A cancellation insurance is recommended 70% of the total cost will be refunded for cancellations up to 6 weeks before arrival. There is no refund for later cancellations.


  • Arrival is after 16:00 and departure before 10:00 (unless otherwise agreed).

  • Our cabins are non-smoking.

  • In Sweden, it is everywhere "shoes off", so do not forget your slippers or house shoes with you!

  • Please leave cabin in a clean condition after your stay,sweep clean and bed linen removed,or avail of our cleaning service (€ 100,-). 


At Sweet Stuga Skåne on request your dog (s) is/are certainly welcome. Take a look at the special page for dogs. There you will find all the information for your dog (s).


Primary care

Åparken Tyringe vårdcentral

Malmövägen 15, 282 23 Tyringe, Sweden +46 451 29 81 50


Praktikertjänst AB Tandläkare Roman Gotlib

Järnvägsgatan 17, 282 31 Tyringe, Sweden +46 451 517 70


Tandläkare Reidar Gyllström AB

Brännerigatan 2B, 282 32 Tyringe, Sweden +46 451 501 42



Kronans Droghandel Apotek AB

Hantverksgatan 19, 282 31 Tyringe, Sweden +46 451 510 90


Apoteket Näckrosen

Torget 1, 284 31 Perstorp, Sweden +46 77 145 04 50